Virginia Alonso sings with Luster

James Roos (The Miami Herald)

Almost as old as the human voice is the saying that a great singer must have it here, here and here –touching throat, head and heart by way of illustration…Virginia Alonso has a lustrous lyric-soprano, the intelligence to exploit it and the priceless gift of giving an audience pleasure.

The peak of the evening lay in the French and Latin songs, sung with an inner glow that ravished the willing ear…poured out in classic style as if they were the easiest things in the world to sing…had unmistakable gypsy flair, though done with an etcher’s skill.

Alonso’s voice was sheathed in a luminous softness that was almost mesmeric.

Alonso knows all about the seductive shadow play of these songs, the amorous allusiveness they conjure in drowsily opulent performance. She can slide up a perilous scale to an exquisitely shaded, almost breath-taking pianissimo and she has for these songs what Victoria de los Angeles has for the music of her compatriots. This is a kind of intuition, for one thing, and precisely the native timbre that seizes and projects the heart of the music. The result is a treasure.

There was not a false gesture, not an underestimated song in the entire evening…just a lovely singer sharing the glory of music… __________________________________________

“…Soprano Virginia Alonso stood out with strong dramatic presence and a wide-ranging well-controlled voice.”

-Joseph McLellan (The Washington Post)


“…Soprano Virginia Alonso sang…powerfully.”

-Joseph McLellan (The Washington Post)


“Lyric Soprano Virginia Alonso presented (Lecuona’s) old favorites. (Alonso) gave rich mezzo depth to a series of love songs pervaded with themes of disappointment and betrayal.”

-Cecelia H. Porter (The Washington Post)



La Soprano Virginia Alonso en el concierto con NSO

Por Belén Ramos Schettini

Las dos arias fueron magistralmente cantadas…por Virginia Alonso…interpretadas en ritmos, sonoridad, seguridad en los agudos y desenvolvimiento escénico.

Virginia le dio a “María la O” la verdadera característica de la zarzuela folklórica cubana, única en su clase, rica en melodía y en forma autóctona y con unos agudos maravillosos que me emocionaron y me hicieron venir a la mente las hermosas voces de Hortencia Coalla y Maruja González; no se quedó atrás en el aria de la “Cecilia Valdés”, obra cumbre del teatro lírico cubano…en su aria “La Salida” de Cecilia Valdés, Virginia hizo gala no sólo de su voz, sino de sus dotes escénicas…

Ambas arias, aunque dan la impresión de tener algo en común, son bien diferentes y Virginia las cantó en su estilo único…una noche inolvidable.

Una “Cecilia Valdés” para la historia

Por Iván Gutiérrez

Como Cecilia, la soprano Virginia Alonso interpretó la protagonista con gran potencial vocal y dramático. ..con largamente sostenidos, cómodos agudos, cualidades que hicieron impactante su interpretación…le impartió al papel protagonista las fieras características de la heroína de Villaverde

Alonso is still fascinating

James Roos (The Miami Herald)

Alonso has a beguiling voice and…could carve words and phrases into the very heart of meaning. But it was reassuring to discover the warmth and loveliness of that voice…

It was a performance of unblemished delicacy…

Alonso held the long, classic line…and achieved a remarkable balance of intensity and restraint.